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11 Apr 2004
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Paignton Devon
Welcome again to the forum , it is protocol that a thread is mainly restricted to the title subject so I am replying to your previous comments at this new section.

We had the pleasure of visiting and staying with an aussie woodwork forum member in Victoria at a similar location to what you described at the shed project.

We were invited to stay in the original constructed building and our hosts had built a new home on the same site. We called it the love shack.

1st australia card07068.jpg

The internal living accommodation was very comfortable .

1st australia card07188 2.jpg

What we found so attractive about our stay with the Australian forum member was we nearly emigrated to Oz. in 1950 and most probably would have started off perhaps in a similar situation. Oh what we missed.


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Thanks for setting up this thread for me. Glad to hear you had a good time while you were over here. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to extend the same offer to you.
I do have a mate from work (I am retired tho) who drops in pretty regularly and he actually prefers to sleep in the shed even though there is more than enough room in the house. I sometimes hear him working away on the metal lathe in the wee small hours when he can't sleep so I guess that explains his preference for shacking up there.
I actually spent a fair bit of time there myself while the main house was being made habitable. Pretty soon though I'll be shifting him into the room I occupied, as I'll be expanding my set up in the shed and replacing his "bed" with some more bench space and two new router tables I'm in the middle of constructing. One will be a combination horizontal/vertical setup, while the other will be based around an Incra 17" LS Positioner that's en-route as we speak (I hope :roll: ) . Of course you can bet there'll be WIP shots coming thick and fast on those two toys.
Also, as you've gone to the trouble of setting up this thread for me, the very least I can do is begin posting pics of my own shed's "re-birth" over the years, which I will try to get done ASAP for you and the other shed lovers. =P~ .

Stay tuned and thanks again for your help.....greatly appreciated,