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This rain is costing me a FORTUNE!


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12 Mar 2009
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Kent - the Garden of England
Went to the bootfair today...or rather I didn't.

All I found in the field was a bunch of Asian farmers with pointed hats bending over picking rice! :mrgreen:

It was the same last week...except the rice crop was washed out...so I spent the week trawling the famous auction site looking for potential candidates to satiate my desire for fine old tools.

So for 66p more than my normal bootfair budget I picked up this little lot..........

First of all..a nice little moulding plane from some maker or other named Gabriel....(yup...it is a habit..I know...collector...maybe...just maybe.... :oops: OK ALRIGHT! I ADMIT IT! :? )

It has a beautifully fresh name stamp....

...sitting alongside a contemporary ZB one which may need further research this afternoon.

The iron is very clean...

....the maker of which I can just make out...something ILDICK....mmmm (I wonder! :mrgreen:)

I jest on this because the remainder of the haul was from one lot....courtesy of one Mr Rowland Ward...

Three Perfect Handle screwdrivers...the tiny one of which I rather fell in love with. But these were only the bonus.

What I was aiming for was the little back saw...thought to be by "I.HITEC, BACK, HOWEN"...which even with my basic knowledge of saw makers should have been....

...Messrs I.Hill LATE Howel......which was far more obvious after cleaning the crud off with some lighter fuel.! 8)

The style of teeth cut can only be described as "12TPI SKIP"....the skip being the major element of the specification! :mrgreen:

Now the plane was to build a mitre plane using the "Bend it Like Bill" technique...but I may have fallen in love with this old and proud gent...and it may be taking a holiday abroad soon...the jury is out on that one at the moment!

Just over the budget...a little low on quantity but oozing quality...and a bit of luck with the saw indeed...

I'm happy now!

Anyone been swimming this weekend!? :mrgreen:


No skills

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6 Feb 2011
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Hanging by my fingertips
Is the saw off to germany?

The weathers a nightmare at the moment, I'm going hunting for a couple of moulding planes (well next month) on ebay - I have to remember to avoid the angelic ones :wink:


I will not buy anymore tools...
6 Nov 2009
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sunny somerset!
very nice Jim!, i have 3 hill saws but sadly they cost slightly more than yours, but there still nice!