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For Sale Tangerine Dream Gig in March in Glasgow.


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14 Mar 2013
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My wife bought tickets for us to go see the original concert for my birthday a few months before all the lurgy stuff happened. Due to the lurgy their concerts have been postponed several times. She knows they are my favourite band and that over the years I have tried to go see them 7 times since 1987 and that every time I managed to get tickets something would come up, I would get deployed or be sent to the Falklands etc. So I have never actually got to see them live. We were informed that the gig would go ahead in a couple of weeks time in Glasgow. I have just been told on Friday, that my operation to repair the damage caused to my feet by the Oesteo Myalitis that I had in the summer is going to happen 3 days before I am due to go see the band. Therefore, as I wont be allowed to go by the Docs or indeed be able to move, are there any of their fans on here who would like to purchase some tickets to go see them. PM me if you are interested. My good lady is looking for around £50 for the pair. She is advertising them elsewhere as well.
Not in need of the tickets Droogs ,but i was only just yesterday listening to Alpha Centauri and Rubicon , used to drive my parents nuts back in the day :)

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