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17 Jan 2023
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I'm fitting a tail vice to the new workbench.
This should have been designed into the original lamination but I didn't do this so have to retrofit!
The end cap is removable.
I wondered if I could use dowel rod as the guide / retaining rail for the travelling block as I thought putting forster holes in might be easier than forming grooves. There'll also be a step in the channel to support the block so it wouldn't be relying solely on the dowels.
Such as in this diagram attached. Would be 20mm dowel.
Would welcome thoughts on this?

Screenshot_20230831_115606_MediBang Paint.jpg
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The vice you mention is often called a wagon vice.
I suspect you'd get more inspiration looking for that.
Looks a lot easier if you could slot in a complete metal system, rather than cutting grooves,
or indeed gluing on strips afterwards.

All the best
Following my less than successful attempt to build a tail vice (something I mean to return to but have not got round to) my key lesson is that there is a turning moment between the centre of force being applied by the screw and the point on the dog when the work piece touches. That rotates the travelling block back and up towards the end of the bench. I was surprised by how much that force was and as a result my travelling block would rotate out of the slot. Getting the balance right between allowing movement back and forth whilst being able to withstand the turning moment is not trivial.

My recommendation would be to build a mock up first and have a play with that before you start chopping your bench up.

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