table saw with 210mm blade?

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14 Aug 2020
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I've recently purchased a Dewalt DWE7485 table saw which comes with a 24T blade.
Here is the compatible blade spec:
- 210mm in diameter
- 30mm arbour hole
- 2.35-2.4mm kerf
- 1.6mm thickness
- minimum of 6000 rpm

The recommended Dewalt blade for this table saw is this one with 40T -> DeWalt DT20433-QZ Extreme 210 x 30mm 40T TCT Saw Blade For use on the DWE7485 DeWalt Compact Saw

Is there anything else in the market ? I'm looking for a general blade for ripping and cross-cuts for man-made woody material and soft wood; so something between 40-60 teeth ATB.

I've been browsing the saxton blades and they are a little on the border line in term of kerf size, thickness and speed. Professional Range TCT Circular Blade 210mm Pack A
I've checked with Wealden Tool and the blades with this type of spec are for the plunge saws (confirmed with their sales assistant).
It's so confusing to get the correct blade type as there are blades for circular saws, mitre saws, plunge saws and table saws... They are all circular! :p

Have a look at the CMT range of blades, they are readily available and do a good range of options in the 210mm x 30 blades. I've had good experience with Trend as as well.

I've been looking at the CMT catalogue for the ITK-plus blades (orange colour) and for the series 271/272. For 210mm/30mm; the kerf and the thickness are a little bit on the thinner side:
- kerf: 1.8mm
- thickness: 1.2mm
- max RPM: 6400

Any advantage or disadvantage between the standard Dewalt spec ?

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