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I have finally got the saw connected up - v v longstory. Anyway got a 16A supply fitted and a 16A MCB. But it keeps tripping. Does the MCB need to be 20A? Bit confused as others on here havevthe same setup but no issues?
Is the 16 amp MCB a type C? It's likely that a domestic type B has been fitted so you will need to change it as it won't tolerate the additional power (above 16 amp) required when the saw starts up which quickly reduces once normal running.

My Harvey is happily running on a 16 amp type C breaker which simply allows more time before tripping in order to compensate for this temporary surge.
Last time I mentioned that, I was attacked on here about the earth potential difference between the requirements of a B and C type breaker.

Wait for flack and duck.

Type C is designed for this sort of equipment with an initial power surge caused by the induction motor starting. My Wadkin kept causing a type b to keep tripping - replaced with a type c and it works fine. Many others have also had the same problem and fitted a type c.

misterfish":i1wqk6d5 said:
Type C is designed for this sort of equipment with an initial power surge caused by the induction motor starting. My Wadkin kept causing a type b to keep tripping - replaced with a type c and it works fine. Many others have also had the same problem and fitted a type c.


I know that, but some SA on here tried very hard to belittle the advice I was giving, in France the main difference between breakers in France and UK is they are two pole so when tripped both the neutral and live are isolated.

Oddly have swapped to a 20A breaker, which also happens to be a type C and it does not trip now. However, saw does not start at all. Power to the commando socket on the cabinet but not a click or anything from the machine when I press Green for go!!!!. Have emailed Roy for advice. I don't want to start fiddling in case I invalidate the guarantee. Just wondering if a wire could have been loose in the switch which was causing the tripping or perhaps a faulty magnetic switch? I cannot recall how the switch unit was packed when the saw was delivered. Had the saw since February and its taken me this long to get everything sorted, so I am not panicking.
That apparent live-with-neutral wire swap mentioned earlier is disturbing at several levels.

  1. These are big and dangerous enough to receive individual testing at the end of the production line: that should have been caught at that point.
  2. If the 16A inlet was added here, someone was not competent and/or supervised.
  3. It is also not easily possible to verify why it was wrong - was the wiring swapped coming out of the NVR switch (in which case only the colour was wrong, but the wiring itself would be correct).

The NVR switch should be a double pole isolator. The motor won't care which is which, but it might just cause tripping etc. because if the start/run circuitry and the brake, which I assume is electronic.

To the owners: check there is a very good, solid earth between the metalwork and the supply. In particular that the motor casing is bonded to the chassis metalwork: consistent metal-to-metal contact is probably good enough, but if the trunnions have, say, PTFE, bearings, I would hope to see a fairly chunky earth strap between the motor casing and the rest of the cab.

The purpose is so that the RCD of the supply trips before any live-to-case fault "trips" you!

E. (trained decades ago, but NOT an electrician).
Roys been in touch and thinks the issue for me maybe the blu to live. I am going to swap and will report back.
Did a few more tests last night and it appears to be an issue with the motor that is tripping the breaker. Just waiting for Roy to come back. Nothing to suggest anyone else has had this problem before so I guess just unlucky - inevitable that someone is going to get a faulty machine at some point. Quite chilled because Roy has been really helpful, and its not as if this is needed for my work, just delaying completing wife's list of items (book shelves, cupboards etc). She can either wait (yes not really an option I know) or I can just carry on as before using existing tools - takes longer but same result in the end.
I took it to a local firm who specialize in electric motors and they stripped it down and could not find anything. I re installed it just now and it works perfectly. No idea what the problem was but great that it works.

Cannot wait now to start using it properly.

I cannot fault Roy or his colleagues at Woodford's. Got to say they are one of the best firms I have dealt with in a long time. They could not do enough to try and get the problem fixed.
They do look very solid table saws and still high on my top of my 'very interested list' for when I get management permission to outfit a new workshop.
Unfortunately they are not the sort of thing you can slip past the "boss". I am after a jointer/planer. And not sure how to approach that one.
Hi All

I am looking at this to replace an Xcaliber contractor saw. I have to position it against a wall so the width is a critical measuremant for me. I see that the top with extensions is around 1.016m wide, can someone help me with how far the fence guide rail extends past the right hand edge please?

Many thanks
I agree that this is a first class saw. I bought mine directly from China a few years ago, and I have no criticism of it. It is easy to set up, alter angles, and it does everything I ask of it.

I would recommend it to any woodworker amateur or serious.

Hi there,
I couldn't resist adding to this thread as i got the same saw from Woodford nearly two years ago,and it has had plenty of use.

I was initially disappointed with a bit of 'just' failed the coin test. But Woodford sent me a new set of belts which fixed that. I can now rip at full capacity with every denomination of coin remaining upright! The saw is super solid, smooth and accurate, i just can't fault it after nearly two years use... except for pretty lousy dust extraction..but what's new there?!

I noticed Axminster's new trade range of machines, and there it is, revamped with a braked motor..currently for £2580. I ordered mine from Woodford for £1250+vat, just before they upped the price, and eventually stopped selling it. Phew! it feels like i got a great deal!

I love this table saw, it's a pleasure to use, but would i pay £2.5k for one??...probably : )


Hi Jules and other members...

I have appreciated everyone's comments on this particular Harvey Table Saw which I have been interested in for some time. It prompted me to register with your forum. Thanks for accepting membership from an Aussie!

Quite a few "moons" ago I taught woodwork in secondary schools in South Australia and have been used to quality machines I'm afraid. Hence I'm a bit particular... as far as the budget allows.

I have had trouble finding reviews of this machine and so was uncertain of its build quality, accuracy, and usability. Everyone involved in this thread seems to have been very positive in their reviews, so thanks for the encouragement.

As far as I can tell there are two retailers who sell this machine...
Bigger Boyz Toyz Australia
Major Woodworking

I did see one of these machines at one of our woodworking expos here last year and my observation was that its finish was superb.

Jules, I particularly appreciated your comments after putting the machine to work over the past two years. Has anyone else got some feedback on the durability and function of the Harvey after using it for a year or two? The feedback would be much appreciated!

I am gradually setting up a new workshop and are keen over time, to introduce a few key pieces of good machinery... the table saw is one of them.

Greetings from Australia!

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