Table Saw Harvey HW110LGE-30 Imported and Reviewed

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Hi Woodshave,

I've owned this saw for well over a year and it has been faultless. The performance and accuracy has been great but has been improved by my purchasing a couple of new blades to replace the included general purpose blade. Dust extraction from the cabinet is a little poor but this can be improved if you need to. Although manufactured in China, the saw is badged and sold in the US as the Grizzly G0690, there is a very good owners manual here.

I would recommend this machine to anyone who is serious about their woodwork, has the space and is looking for a quality saw at a reasonable price.

In the UK, Axminster Tools now supplies the saw with a number of options/additions that I wish were available from the previous UK supplier when I bought it. May be worth taking a look at Axminster's website and they have made a useful video on their product page which may help you. See here.

For an Australian viewpoint I suggest you could contact Steve Innes on Youtube ('Steve's Festool Shed Talk' is his channel). Whilst his channel is focused mainly on his Festool obsession, he purchased the Harvey in Australia over a year ago and made some very positive comments on Dave Stanton's Facebook Group. Dave Stanton is another popular Australian Youtuber who does a live broadcast every Sunday from his workshop in the Blue Mountains.

All the best from Cornwall, UK
Thanks Jerry. I really appreciated your response and will follow up on your suggestions. The feedback on the machine is consistently good so it may well be the one to purchase. Thank you again, kind regards, Phillip
I was looking for a few years at the Woodford saw and when I eventually plucked up the courage to go ahead and buy one, Woodford had lost the contract. They informed me that Axminster were enquiring, so a quick call to this confirmed it. When they finally got it in stock, I thought the price was steep, but cheaper than getting it from europe. Anyhoo, a simple google last week led me to here...... ... table-saws. I've sold my Scheppach TS2500 CI tonight and am going for the TS-1040E-50. I'll give you a shout once it's set up and used. They reckon 3-4 days delivery. We'll see.
Hi Dicky, I'm interested in the Baileigh saw you have purchased too. Have you received it yet?
When I looked at the manual from the American site
it appears to have a different trunnion to the Axminster AT254TS...
Can you confirm this please.

(can't yet post links)
Not got it yet as it was supposed to be here today. Typical with living in the Highlands, it'll be here this week sometime. I've been looking at Youtube and the saw appears to be the same as Jet, Grizzly, Warrior (Russian version) and Shopfox versions of the Harvey. There is a Baileigh saw called the Work Station Table Saw TS 1020-WS that looks exactly the same as the Axi. I think they are all the same body, but have different gubbins (motors, trunions etc.).
Thanks for the reply. I think it is equivalent to the Harvey HW110LC-30 looking at the images I've found on the Harvey website, the lock knobs on the handles look the same etc.
My research leads me to think that these are the same machine as the TS-1040E-50:
Harvey HW110LC-50

Shopfox W1851—2 HP 10" Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

Grizzly G0833P - 10" Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, Polar Bear Series

It gets good reviews on the Grizzly site...

Found some images of the Trunnion on an Australian site:



Links to the manuals:
Baileigh TS-1040E-50
Grizzly G0833P
Shopfox W1851
When I spoke with Baileigh today they said there were some differences to the US model, notably the power switch on the other side... If anybody already has this saw can confirm any differences I would appreciate it. Thanks
It's the Grizzly 0691 that is the equivalent saw to the TS-1040E-50, not that I'm being picky, lol
Hi Dicky,

Will be interesting to see what you get :)

The Grizzly 0691 appears to be the same as the Harvey HW110LG-50 also same basic machine as the Axminster AT254TS...

If you look at the manual you'll see the differences, especially the trunnion.

If your right then it is a good deal.
This is the trunnion that the Grizzly 0691, Harvey HW110LG-50, and Axminster AT254TS have:

Harvey HW110LG-50/Grizzly 0691

Axminster AT254TS

If you look at the parts diagram in the Axi manual you see an assembly breakdown of the trunnion page 26 Axi AT254TS

If you then look at the Baileigh manual page 45 you'll see a difference in the trunnion that matches the photos I posted:

Axminster tools are now the sole importer of Harvey machinery for the UK. They negotiated an exclusive agreement a couple (?) of years ago. If you need spares for something Harvey that Axminster do not presently sell, I believe you need to contact Axminster head office and have them price it up for you.
Alternatively, Harvey did (and possibly still do) sell their machines through European distributors under some other names. Back in 2010, the Deft T30 and T50 were Harvey machines.

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