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1 Feb 2022
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Hello all

I have an axminster 254mm craft table saw, I am looking to get a new blade for this either 50 or 60 tooth, 30mm bore. I am looking at a key blades one at £57.50, or can anyone recommend a better blade for the money? I am looking for clean cuts in sheet goods, and the odd thicker cut.
I would look to buy Swedex, Omas, CMT, the best blade you can afford. They last longer allow multiple reshaping and cut far cleaner as they are flat.
The very best narrative on saw blade selection, their features and how to choose what you want is found in the first ten pages of the Swedex saw catalogue. A link is about halfway down the page
From a previous reply in the same subject
As above, the names mentioned are quality items for long haul use.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but decent blade, you can look at Freud. May set you back £27-£35 but it can't be resharpened (or may not be worth it)

These are readily available in screwfix /ffx etc.
Many thanks for your advice I have ordered a CMT blade as they were the only one out of the suggestions that did the 254mm size.

Thanks again.
Try the UK made Shark blades. They do a 254/30/80T professional range blade for very reasonable money. I tried one of their Ultra 80T blades (same blade but different coating) and it cut superbly and is equally as good and lasted as long as our Axcaliber Premium 60T blade.

tbh, you can't go wrong with any of the mid priced Freud blades or the better CMT ones but before ordering, check that the kerf width isn't smaller than your writhing knife thickness. Note: you can also use 250mm blades to replace your 254. You only lose 2mm on cutting depth overall.
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