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17 Nov 2020
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South East Uk
Hello everyone,

i have just installed a 2mx1m french cleat storage system on the wall of my workshop. Im at the stage now where i need to build the storage. Planning to hang things like, drivers, batteries+charger, clamps, saws, hammers, chisels, sanding discs/sander.

It would be great to see peoples builds, get some inspiration for my own and understand what works/doesn't work.
You tube has infinite ideas for this. I'd recommend putting the tools you use the most on there so that they are quick to access (as opposed to tucked away in cupboards or draws).

Mine has drills, charger, chisels, marking guage and more, but my favourite is the wooden nose with a notch I made to store my safety glasses.

Things that don't work with a simple cleat are things you need to pull at. Though there's likely ways around this.
Greatest bit about french cleats is you can move your storage around. In fact you can stick cleats on other thing than walls.
french cleats 003.JPGfrench cleats 002.JPGP1010001.JPG
In the saw till the small saws bracket can be slid across to change the layout. The till itself is on a french cleat too.
The tool box was an attempt to keep the bench a bit more tidy while working so the most used tools can be in it or stuck to the magnetic strip. When finished the whole strip gets hung back on the wall.
french cleats 005.JPG
As you can see the pegboard storage is bit by bit being overlaid by french cleat. Evolution in the shed.
I’ve always liked the idea of French cleats. My only problem is I don’t have any accessible wall space.

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