stick rubber to metal (ammo case light restoration)

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21 Feb 2020
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South West
i've just been cleaning out an old metal ammo tin, it has a rubber seal that has come loose. Having cleaned and dried the metalwork i was going to give it a wipe over with WD40 (as per several restoration shows, aiming to not remove too much patina) and I was going to wipe over the rubber with some silicon spray (just to stop it drying / cracking), when that is done I just need to stick the rubber seal back into it's groove in the metal lid.

I'm reluctant to use anything too strong, as I can see me having to remoisturise the seal again in a few years, and also it only needs to support the weight of the seal. I was wondering whether I could just stick it back in place with general purpose silicone sealant from a caulking gun, I'm sure this would work, but would it just come loose before very long?

any thoughts would be welcome, thankyou
If you dont store stuff that needs to be waterproof, why keep the seal?
Ammo boxes... patina..... youre kidding, right? :)
But if you really do want to keep the seal, silicone glue is fine but you need to add lots of masking tape strips to keep it tight while the silicone dries, usually next day..
Few months back I used a polymer silicone to stick the door seals to our 1976 Renault 4, it was super easy and clean and the same colour as the seal.......I believe the old method for metal to rubber was contact adhesive, I didn't fancy that.
Sikkens make a Polyurethene glue like silicone, Sikkaflex,,,.....i use it all the time
there are loads making it now.....
for example the sole at the toe of my work boots always part company with the rest of the shoe, a good drop of that worked in the crack with a lolly stick fixes it.....easy to cut off the surplus when cured.....
my boots are still good for months, then the sole just wears away....