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For Sale Startrite TA 145 Table Saw 240v.


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Refurbished Startrite TA145 saw. Dates from the early 70's. A good solid, heavy saw.
It was originally a 3 phase saw when I got it but I fitted an original model 240 volt motor that I had, along with an original online starter with NVR and motor overload protection.
New bearings fitted in the motor and the spindle. 2 new drive belts fitted. It also has the Louvred side panel ( these are often missing). It also has it's original riving knife, blade guard and cast iron fence with micro adjustment.
All adjustments work sweetly and this is ready for another 50 years of work....
A couple of battle scars on the cast iron top, but it doesn't affect the saw in use.

Collection from Colchester, Essex.

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That’s a fantastic refurbishment

Hi buddy do you mind me asking what paint you used on this saw, great job 👍
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Just wanted to thank Tim for delivering the saw, being well prepared and going through the features and things to know. Very pleased with the saw 😄
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