Startrite 352 fence upgrade?

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23 May 2018
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Hi folks!

I have a problem with the original fence on my Startrite 352, if the fence is about 100mm away from the blade and I tighten it, it stays straight, the closer I move it to the blade, the more the end of the fence moves while tightening.
I could also see the rail move away from the table.

I took the fence rail off and it is bent about 0,2mm in the middle....

Should I get a new rail made or would it be worth getting an upgrade?
I’ve seen a fence at Axminster for £104,- that would fit.

Any advice??


Does it actually affect the ripping ability of the saw? If not, leave be.

If it does affect the saw, try straightening it before spending too much.
Hi Ference
Unless we have two Ferences on here I think you have my DVDs do you not? Have a look on there. I think it is on Workshop Essentials 10. Yes, I know that is a tablesaw film, but the design works exactly the same on a bandsaw. It is rock solid and easy to make (no welding, just nuts and bolts) and it will cost you a fraction of a commercial upgrade.
@Trevanion, the fence is square to the blade if it’s further away than 100mm, any closer and it pulls out of square when I tighten it, the more I tighten, the more it moves (about a millimeter).
I tried straightening the bar, but it’s not easy to correct 0,2mm of a bow....

@Steve, I would be surprised if there was another Ferenc around here! I will have to have another close look at one of your great videos. I hope your fence doesn’t rely on a straight fence rail!


@beech1948, I was secretly hoping for someone to tell me to part with some cash to solve the problem, the Kreg once does look nice, I would be surprised if it wouldn’t make me a better woodworker...



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