Startrite 352 Bandsaw Dust Extraction

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13 Jul 2017
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I fitted a 4" dust port to the lower rear of the saw, which keeps the dust in the lower cabinet down to acceptable levels. I've also got a 2.5" flexible hose with a Veritas dust chute that gets clamped on somewhere vaguely near the pointy bits, but it's always in the way of what I'm cutting.

I see that some folk have contrived fixtures that go under the table, and extract down around the blade. That seems the best idea (get the dust at source), but with the lower guides and whatnot, it's a bit awkward to get something in there. Before I tax my few remaining brain cells for a solution, are there any worked examples out there for me to learn from?
Thanks! The first of these is exactly what I'm talking about, but that guy has a huge gap between his table and his lower guides (surely that's bad?), allowing him room to get a pipe in. My solution is (probably) going to need to enclose the guides somehow.

The second is more talking about a lower dust port, which I already have. But the first "suggested" video on that page
is very interesting. I couldn't see how to get a "thing" into the available space, but he builds his one wall at a time, and doesn't connect them together, which has given me much food for thought.
This is my cobbled together version on a 351 which has bolt holes in the underside of the table.

Bandsaw Dust Outlet.jpg

The cutout is to clear the large guide blocks.
This is used with a shopvac & the 4" outlet at the bottom of the saw is plugged.
Although a fair amount of dust remains above the table (because its used mainly for cutting irregular lumps into turning blanks), not much gets past the suction.
The strap banding allows quick adjustment of the 1 1/2" pipe during set up.


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