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4 Mar 2021
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Hi all,

Up to now I've been using a compressor and a top loader hvlp air sprayer with a 1.8mm tip, I've been getting good results so far and am happy with this, coverage isn't as quick as I'd like as it soon runs out of air but that's for another day.

I've had a request to do some spraying in a customers house, the plan is to mask everything off and use a water based paint. I would rather not have a 100 litre compressor making a racket all day and the weight of it is rather heavy for my back.

Has anyone used a Fuji type sprayer for spraying paint on cabinetry? A Fuji semi-pro 2 is what I've been looking at. Is it the same as using a standard compressor fed spray gun? Just a different means of providing air?

Or am I better off going down the airless route, this looks like a completely different method and equipment type which is why if possible I'd like to stick with the air fed spray guns. Airless being Graco and such.

Good question! I much prefer my air assisted airless pump for water based stuff tbh. but it's possible to get good results using a turbine but the paint tends to be thicker and turbines can be quite slow to apply. solvent based(thinners like ac) the reverse would be true as cleaning the pump would be troublesome.

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