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1 Sep 2014
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near Bedford
Has any one used a spindle motor in a router table instead of a normal router. ?
I was told they are a lot quieter if they, have how did they fasten it to the table.
We had a customer buy an Incra Mast-R-Lift from us and fit a Chinese Spindle controlled by a VFD a few years ago. From memory he managed to fit it ok within the lifts adjustable clamps but the configuration left the cutter slightly off centre. Not a major issue unless using a bushing ring.

The VDF took some wiring/set up but he wasn't daunted by that, not something I would tackle myself.

He did a YouTube video but I can't find it at present. Not heard back from him so I assume it was ok, I do remember him getting a few negative YT comments but that's often par for the course.

The AUKTools router we have was designed for this situation, plug and play.


Thanks for the reply Peter. What I was thinking about is a spindle motor for my Revo or Legacy 900 "Z" holder.
Don't seem to get very far though!!
If you must have a router table sized motor (no space for a real spindle moulder?) then the best industrial quality motors I feel are from Suhner in Germany. If you want it mounted in a router table the Sauter Router Lift is the best lift I have ever seen. Way better than the over engineered lumps from America.
Thanks Loz
This spindle motor is for a Legacy ornamental wood lathe to fit the Z carriage