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24 Aug 2015
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We get old fast these days, I guess. I thought YT was pretty progressive - at least until it went from everyone sharing stuff to promoting only the user farmers like sellers, dumpy numbs, the wood whisperer,e tc.

But I've used YT to share stuff, and you can do it without turning on ads (to some extent now - if you opt out, they will still play one but keep the money themselves, but that's better than 4 in a 10 minute video).

so, that leaves me out on sharing anything that I don't want attached to my YT account, and pictures. From time to time, I find a free host and then it's not free.

i've used imgur for a while. I'm kind of unfamiliar with who actually views things, but I'm learning quickly. Why? because they let you store stuff and you don't have to post it publicly, so I often don't.

yesterday, I shared my banana slicer - just a short video dropping a banana on a newly made knife from a short height.


in 10 hours, 13,500 people viewed it. Who are these people? It's a maddening site to go through posts as the posts are either a picture or like a 15 second video and then comments. spastic.
I could make a comment about the random odd/rude person leaving comments on the meme sites, but anyone remember what the comments were like on youtube when people thought the internet was anonymous and untraceable?
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The number of smartphones worldwide is estimated at ~7bn. This may be an over estimate as some folk may have two, some may have limited data plans etc. Assume 4bn.

Lets assume 1bn spend a large part of their lives idly browsing and personal interests. Let's further assume that ~86.5% (about 5/6) mainly spend their time relieving more basic physical urges.

That leaves 135m who could have looked at your media contribution - about 1 in 10,000. Depending how it was described, it may have attracted vegetarians, chefs, circus knife throwers, juvenile drug dealers, survivalists, engineers, food technologists, the disturbed, etc etc etc.

If you can generate that amount of interest, you could consider giving up the day job and monetising your output. Creating media which goes viral means the yacht and large Merc need no longer be an unmet aspiration. (if that sort of thing interests you)
I hadn't thought of the phones and devices. I think you're right about generating interest, too.

I don't quite understand the ad model or whether or not it's still even offered, and am happy just to have a site to use where I can post short bits and pictures without referring back to a site that i own (that stinks of self promotion).

I guess by the time all of the kinds have no attention span, we'll have a frontal lobe implant to counteract it.

(the loser in all of this more instant media, I guess, is TV. I no longer watch TV - the model is too slow and in the US, it's fought aging by adding advertisements or putting ads on more repeated content - even free over the air media is now often replays of what would be pay cable TV shows on .2, .3 channels, ETC. some of the old school broadcasters who had one channel when things were analog have 6 or 7 under their license. the further down the list you go, the more the ads are targeted to specific groups.)

Can't say that it's a loss, as getting the news constantly and advertisements probably is no improvement over 80 years ago.