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SOLD - Micro Jig GRR-RIP Block Smart Hook Pushblock


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18 Jul 2016
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Brand new, never used and still in it's box. Bought as part of a set, but have been using only one.

asking 25£ + PP

You can click on my name and you will have an option to send a private message. Or you can go on your profile, and there is a section for private messages.
Hope it helps
Ffs, click on Nohos. Name in blue in one of his posts, profile page opens and blue and white box in top right, small grey speech bubble icon lower right of this box. Click on this, type your message, click send. Message will stay in your outbox until Noho opens it.
Sure, WE just need to figure out how to communicate via PM.
I will send you a PM and you can reply to it with your details, ok ?

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