So whats that Dad?

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19 Oct 2002
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Sudbury, Suffolk
I have spent quite a lot of time in the shop today :D .

I am trying to make a bench which I hope to enter in the competition, time is short :shock: .
I needed to use a couple of files to flatten a sloped mortise and they did not have handles fitted but I had new handles so I think it will only take a minute to fit them 8) . So having been taught to use a blow lamp to fit file handles I sorted out a gas one and stood it on my stool. File in one hand and handle in the other everything was going fine until Iona, our 7 month old Samoyed decided I was doing something interesting :roll: . She bounded in to the shop and before I could stop her went to sniff the blow lamp :x .
Well no major harm done :eek: but she now has whiskers one side that are straight out of Tom and Jerry #-o :whistle:


I am glad to the LOML thought it was funny, I was sure I was in for a telling off. [-X
Blimey Dave :shock:

Lucky pup!
9 out of 10 dogs prefer all their whiskers

Why did you have the torch placed there?

Hi TX,

Well I know now I should of moved the timber off the bench, but I thought it will only take a minute to heat the tangs, it would take longer to clear the bench. :roll:

I am still not used to the way Iona loves to see what I am doing. I took up the old vinyl floor tiles in the hall, Samwise our older dog, took one look at what I was doing and took up residence on the sofa. Iona tried to sniff the bolster, while I was hitting it with the hammer. :shock: She has no fear may be we should have called her Indiana :?:

Reminded me of the time some new neighbours moved in. I offered to help them carry their settee from the van and into the house. While walking backward I accidentally trod on their cat which shrieked and flew off in the distance. No harm done or so I thought. They were Ok about it.

Three months later they invited us in for drinks. There on the settee was this cat that, to me, looked hideously disfigured. It's nose and front part of the face was all scrunched up looking as it would if someone in their Size 9's had trod on it. I looked at it aghast...not knowing what to say.

After a few minutes, my conscience got the better of me and in a lull in the conversation I started to mumble my apologies about the cat. They looked at me with incomprehension. I started to apologise in more detail about the cat, its face, me treading on it.

Turned out the cat was some exotic species known as a Burman and it always looked like that. :oops:

Never liked cats.
Glad Iona is Ok Dace - could have been pretty serious :shock:

do you think she learnt the lesson?

Ash bench?
Poor ole pup :) . It reminds me of the time I was whitewashing a garden wall. One of my long coat chihuahuas came to investigate and by the time she'd finished her tail had become an independently operated paint brush. I turned round to find that everything in the yard that was less than 5 inches off the ground had been whitewashed. She had been brown when she came out to investigate - she wasn't when she got dumped in the sink :).

Hi all,
Animals, 'specially DOGS!!!! Try to do something & there's old faithful, whom, until you started your current activity was sleeping soundly (aren't they always?) on his back, legs all over the place & snoring loudly. (could also be describing me missus

It then becomes a Waltz around the Delete as appropriate:
Step 2-3 MOVE! 2-3 Left 2-3 SHIFT! 2-3 Right 2-3 OI! 2-3 Tread 2-3 Yelp! 2-3 I warned you 2-3 Stoop 2-3 stroke 2-3 AWWW 2-3...Pause, or should that be PAWS??? Off to kitchen, get biscuit....Oh, & one for the dog. "Sorry lad". Back to work. Step 2-3 ...etc...etc.Sound familliar?? Sliver. 8) :lol:

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