Scrollwork? come carving?

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29 Jul 2017
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Cornwall UK
Our daughters are all Harry Potter fans

And being it was our youngests birthday yesterday I did this one for her

Not sure what to call it, scrollwork? carving? or what

Quite happy with the end result and daughter was pleased which is the main thing


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That'll teach ya to be so clever lol I am fortunate I have no sprogs to bribe hope ya make them sweep up the workshop before giving them it. The other day i did a really stupid thing (again) and blasted my workshop with compressed air with both doors open! great idea but forgot it was sodding windy out so had to evacuate premises for hours until it had all settled again so now have to use the vac to clean it up....its amazing how much dust i create sanding etc. Cheers
We only have one at home now, she moved out for ten years, but we didn't move quickly enough and she came back ;-)

The other two have their own places

As to getting middle daughter to sweep up, I would just be happy if she picked up after herself !