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24 Apr 2022
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hello all, first time poster..

a little background, retraining as a furnituremaker just about coming to the end of an apprenticeship as an adult. Have access to and use all sorts of pro kit at work, and understand the concept of what I’m needing to do.

Anyway - just bought a ts82 in pretty good nick secondhand. Unfortunately whilst it has the knife and crown guard, there is nothing there to hold the knife onto the saw. It must be more than just bolts, as these would allow the alignment of the blade plate and the knife looking from top down. Also, would love to either have possible mod (again without a clear photo of the original setup I won’t be able to see if this is possible) but want to be able to easily remove the riving knife and crown guard, as I don’t think it’s possible to flush the knife and blade below the bed of the saw, which would be very useful in my small home workshop, as horizontal surfaces are at a premium !

was wondering if anyone could help me, particularly with either -

a photo of the original riving knife holder arrangement.

a photo or a bit of a diagram of what they have put together instead to solve any issues that they perceived, having lived with the saw for a while.

thanks in advance
I dont know that saw. I had a multico which the riving knife was bolted to a block under the table. This block was part of the rise and fall. The block was machined at the factory i guess, for the knife to be in line with the centre of the blade.

My dewalt t/s has 1 bolt and a sprung tab that holds it in place, so it can be fairly quickly unbolted. I bought a spare knife and chopped it down. My next task is to make an overhead crown guard so it doesnt need to attach to the knife.
Ive kept the original knife and guard for site use.

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