Scheppach TS2500 vs Scheppach TS4000

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26 Apr 2024
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Hi all,

As a newbie to woodworking I am starting to buy out a few bits of kit.
Trying to make a choice of table saw.
I'm leaning towards the Scheppach TS2500 because the one I have my eye on is in great condition, looks almost new.
The Scheppach TS2500 has 2000 watts.
However... the TS4000 its 2900 watts - so that makes it that bit more 'powerful'.
RPM is 2800 on both units.

I know that I will be cutting softwood, lengthways, as much as 1.4m long cuts, 50mm thick and I don't want the blade to get bogged down.
I've seen how annoying that gets when doing a 1 metre long cut on my crappy Titan table saw... don't ask...
I got the titan for lightweight work and it served its purpose, barely...!

Do you think the TS2500 has enough power for those longer cuts? Will the engine struggle at just 2000 watts?

Your input will be appreciated.
Thank you.
First advice to a newbie struggling with rip cuts on a tablesaw is change the blade.
You should one with use fewer teeth for rip cuts. 20 Teeth, preferably less, like 12, will make a big improvement. Small teeth clog up with wood fibres when ripping.
Don't be lazy. Batch your rip and cross cuts separately and DO change between blades.

And your saw isn't underpowered. 3hp / 2kW is a standard size for many classic 10" tablesaws used in joinery shops all over the country.
I agree with Sideways. 2kw is plenty and with the right blade will easily do what you want. My old saw is only 1500w and has no bother cutting 75mm hardwood.
Thank you for the prompt replies! That's where the experience shows - had no clue that less teeth facilitates the rip cuts!

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