Scheppach HMS 260 (new to me) - Cutter Block Problems

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The rubber rollers can be reconditioned for a reasonable amount, much less than replacement rollers if they are available. Search "Urethane Roller Reconditioning" and you will be able to pick from a number, possibly a short drive away. They will peal off the old rubber from the shaft and cast new, then turn/grind to size. Example. A set of Makita 2030N rollers (1980s vintage, 12"/300mm wide) are about $275Cad/186£each. Reconditioned are about $100Cad to $125Cad/67£to 85£each. Well worth looking into and if you like the price pull them off and send them for reconditioning. They will be as good or better than new.

Thanks a lot Pete.

The Scheppach replacements are ÂŁ87.50 each and they are shown as in stock with a UK parts company, at that price I'm not in any rush to change them. I'll look into the re-coating. (y)