Saw Blade bore enlargement

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19 Mar 2014
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I've got a pratically new 254mm 40t blade from Key Blades and fixings I bought for my soon to be returned table saw in a 5/8th arbor which is not a common UK size. The new table saw will be a larger bore so wondered if anyone knew of a company that can enlarge the bore safely?

Tried a few local engineering firms and no one seems overly interested, guess down to liability.
The time to set up will not be worth the cost for them and would likely exceed the value of the blade.

Best to just try and sell it on. You might find a hobbyist who could do it but unlikely.
Could be worth asking whoever you use to sharpen your saws?
I have had some done at work it’s an easy setup if you have some bar of the right size, put the bar in the chuck and use it to locate the blade and clamp it then swap the bar for the right size drill.

Local tool sharpening place (NLS tool) have said they can do this and for under a tenner. Apparently it's something they do fairly frequently.