Rust on machine tables

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As I already have loads of ACF50, I used that to treat a few odd rust spots starting to appear last autumn and they haven't shown back since. It doesn't just protect the surface, it also stops existing rust dead in it's tracks. The thin film left will get into the pores of the CI and provide longer term protection but once dry, after a wipe over with a clean rag I applied a coat of wax and intend to reapply regularly.
I'm finding exactly the same thing Colin - around here they call Okehampton "Soakhampton" and for pretty good reason. I've just put in an order for some ACF-50 as my stuff is rusting too.

After the cold weather a few weeks ago the workshop PVC floor tiles were sweating once the temperatures rose. I've not experienced that before - or this much rain for that matter.

I share your love of the scenery though, it's pretty special. Here's our flooded river and the bottom of our garden, as of this morning - what is normally a couple of feet deep is eight foot deep in the middle :


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Wow Ian, that's scary! We moved house to get away from the river passing through our back garden after fretting one too many winters having water levels creeping up too close for comfort. Hope you see that receding soon....
The first time it happened, and we were aware before buying the house, it was quite scary. To be honest now, it's quite awe inspiring because we know that the bricks and mortar are safe. There's at least a four foot difference in height between the back of my workshop and what is in the picture made all the safer because of about ten acres of flood meadow on the other side of the river. The hardest task is convincing insurers that their money is safe!
I found more rust today. I went to use my pipe clamps and found the threads rusty. So they got a treatment as well as the planer/thicknesser, bandsaw, circular saw and morticer.
This damp Devon weather and it's effects has truly come as a surprise. I've been so fortunate in having dry workshops for the last 30 years.
At least I can enjoy the green view out of the door, when it stops raining.

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