Hard wax oil - micro lumps\bubbles?


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4 Feb 2014
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Hi All,

I have just finished applying 2 coats of Fiddes hard wax oil to an Oak table that I'm refinishing.

On the now dried finish there are some really small spots that are not really noticeable unless up close or to the touch. I'm almost certain it's no a contaminant. The table has gone through 40, 60, 80, 120 then 150 grit with the grain raised in between sanding. It was wiped down with white spirit on a clean cloth before the first coat and ones dried with a tack cloth.

Both coats have been applied thinly with a good quality brush, left 12-16 hours to dry in between coats, lightly gone over with fine scotch brite, white spirit and tack cloth before recoating.

Any suggestions or ideas how to resolve? Not used Hard Wax much before.


After the 1st heavy coat, I leave the next coat for 5 mins or so then wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. Always get a smooth finish apart from once when a strong wind circulated some sawdust around 😩.

on my tables I work down to over 1000 grit with all coats applied with a cloth
I have found with hard wax oil it develops a crust on the top when stored, I then had to brake through the crust with a screwdriver , This put small crust particles in the oil, I then stored the oil can upside down so the crust formed out of harms way and the usable oil was free of crust and particles.

Have just done 3 light passes with 320g grant, sander and vac turned down. That seems to have got rid of the imperfections, will recoat tomorrow and wipe off with cloth.

Everyday is a learning day!



So watched some more hwo finishing videos and with the advice above have done this:

Sanded at 320g

Blown off, wiped with white spirit then left to dry followed by tack cloth.

Applied a coat with the sponge from a scourer in all directions to ensure coverage. Then laid off with sponge then wiped with a cotton cloth.

Needs a few hours to dry but so far looks good. Thanks for the help and advice.

It seems that I applied way to much for the first coat which is why it took 2 days to dry!
Hi all

After the above and drying overnight the finish is now perfect :)

Thanks for the help! Now on the lookout for non abrasive scourers.