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Rules of Deals, Offers and Bargains Elsewhere


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10 Aug 2020
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This board is for members to alert others of offers, listings and classified type advertisements that may be of interest to those wishing to acquire new and used tools, machinery, wood and anything else of a woodworking specific nature. Links and posts highlighting items from Facebook Market Place, Buy/Sell pages, eBay, Gumtree, Preloved and other sites would be welcome. On a more localized level if you are aware of any outlets such as hardware, tool shops and timber merchants that are offering discounts, special sales or similar please post on this board.
  • You must have 25 posts to create a thread here
  • A brief description of the item/sale must accompany each post. It's helpful to include why this is a deal. If you have any knowledge or experience of an item/vendor etc please mention.
  • Posts by a member that has a vested interest in the item/s listed will result in sanctions. It is important that the board is not abused or used for any commercial purposes.
  • Spam posts and other similar content will not be tolerated. Anyone caught promoting items of which they have a commercial interest will be banned from this sub forum and in gross abuse cases the entire community.
  • Only one post per offer/discount/advertisement is needed so please check before posting.
  • Please do not post comments that are critical, disparaging or unhelpful.
Members wanting to use the For Sale/Wanted board should still do so.
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