Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

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Best I could find.
Office of national statistics don't divulge by race or colour, just a grand total of incidents.
Dubbed by the leftie hand-wringing Daily Mail the 'Knife Crime Capital of Britain' and... 95% white. with most offenders being... white
Couldn't resist commenting on this.
I've heard many opinions of the Daily Mail in my time, on the whole generally uncomplimentary, but I have to say leftie is definitely a first.
I, like others, use RM very regularly to deliver items sold on eBay. Most items arrive as expected, all send Recorded Sign For.
It does help living right next to a RM sorting office so I can pop in even though the "shop front" is open a terrible 2 hours a day.

And a side note on knife laws. It will not stop a single stabbing, like the gun laws haven't stopped a single shooting. The only people these law really affect are regular none criminals types.
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Well at the moment, you'd struggle t send anything by RM - their website has been unusable since 10 this morning. The damned thing is useless, going down at least once a month on average. I'd be surprised if they survive the next 5 years.
Well, the Royal Mail PDF doesn't say bladed items are prohibited. Just some, specific, and quite horrible weapons are now prohibited

This seems very reasonable and good to me. Would love to see if DPD allow 'Zombie Knives' to be sent via their services.

It’s because they’ve had another change of policy - they were going for a total ban on the RM network but are now going to allow them as they’ve probably realised how much money they’ll be losing out on!
I just want to come back to the initial query by the OP. The definition of bladed items as I understand by the post office relates to knives

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From 22 April 2024 we will be prohibiting ‘Knives or Blades’ defined by s141A Criminal Justice Act 1988 and ‘Bladed Products’ as defined by s41 of Offensive Weapons Act 2019 from the Royal Mail network. Currently, these items can only be sent using our Age Verification service and returned using Royal Mail Tracked Returns®. However, from 22 April 2024 sending and returning these items to UK destinations via any Royal Mail service will be prohibited, meaning that these items cannot be sent even if our Age Verification service is used. Our Age verification service will still be available for other age restricted items, including alcohol and, unless prohibited elsewhere, you can still send items not covered by the Acts.
These acts state "blades (length, samurai swords, lock knife) 1988 Act

And in the 2019 Act more specifically - see here. act makes it illegal,bladed items from the internet.

It appears to me that this does not include items such as chisels, or plane blades (or planes), but would include stanley knives and marking knives amongst other such woodworking bladed items.

So in general most of the time if we wanted to sell for example on eBay etc our surplus chisels, planes and planes blades we would be OK?

Am I correct?

From the RM web site:

‘Knives or Blades’ defined by s141A Criminal Justice Act 1988 or ‘Bladed Products’ as defined by s41 of Offensive Weapons Act 2019. Such items include, but are not limited to, any knife blade, any kitchen knife (regardless of size or design), bread knives, knives that can be used for hobbies and trades (regardless of whether they are marketed as knives, for instance, utility knives and snap-off cutters), gardening and farming tools that have a blade, any trade tool that could commonly be described as a knife, butcher’s knives (including meat cleavers), cutlery knives, scissors with sharp edges, sporting equipment with a blade, replica and antique knives (including those used for re-enactment purposes), handmade and bespoke knives, open razors (where the blade is exposed), any axe, any sword, survival knives, or machete. Also, see Weapons below.
As I recall in law there is no actual definition of ‘an offensive weapon’ - a piece of chalk thrown by my old schoolteacher was definitely offensive against your head 😂😂😂

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