Rounding the top of gate stiles

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25 Dec 2016
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How can I do this cleanly - hanging stiles are 48x110mm & I want to radius the tops to shed water.
I have hand saws, table saw & router table.
Would a band saw be a good option? (I may be fishing for permission to buy a new tool...)
Links to a YT or other video showing how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.
Edge sander, and possibly some kind of lazy Suzan on the bench if a large quantity.
If just one or two, then even a handheld one on a jig.
Be interested to see some kind of thing like the former.

Bandsaw would be my preference. I'm sure it's possible on a table saw, but I can't immediately think of an easy and safe way. Also doable with a router table, but if I were doing it on a router table I'd probably hog the bulk off withe the bandsaw first..
If its the larger radius then draw it on or scratch it with dividers.
Saw to the lines at 45º.
Then saw the corners off again. Then shape the arris just the edges of the radius to the line with a spokeshave both sides until spot on just touching the line. Then take off what's left in the middle, block plane, spokeshave, belt sander etc.
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I would take off the 2 corners with the tablesaw at 45* then planes to round in the edges. An electric hand plane would make quick work of bulk removal and a hand plane to finish off. As Jacob says draw the profile on the ends first. Thinking on it there is a wide range of tools can be used depending on the scale of it. Depends on what you are comfortable with.
Thanks for all the help & apologies for the tardy reply (PC took a wobbly & needed a new motherboard.
I ended up drawing round a flask cup & a paint tin for the profiles, as they were the right diameter, then hand sawing at angles to reduce the waste followed by hand plane, then belt sander.
Now I need to find another excuse to justify a bandsaw...

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