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6 Sep 2019
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Bradford on Avon
I am in the process restoring an old rosewood dining table. The table has been outside for a few years so I had to sand it down. I applied about 5 coats of rosewood spirit stain. I have now the right colour. But I am puzzled how to get the familiar Chinese rosewood shine back.
Do I have to use wax, lacquer or any other product? I searched the internet but did not find the answer yet. Hopefully one of the forum members can point me in the right direction.
Thank you,
Admitted overkill for a vice, but this is one coat of Fiddes Hardwax oil, silk finish on rosewood. It is also extremely resistant to water, coffee and alcohol stains; I used it on a yew desk for my son and it has had all these on it for several years without problem. For a dining table I would use two coats for a matt finish and three or four for silk. The last two coats should be applied very thinly and rubbed in.

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Is the table really rosewood?
Would love to get my mitts on something like that.
Most tables I've seen that are rosewood coloured are made from meranti.

Guessing nothing but french polish (shellac) would have been used if it is actually the real deal.
with maybe a bit of wax to rejuvenate it.

I have a cheap coffee table I bought from Argos that's solid Sissoo so it might be some sort of rosewood at least. I was not expecting my Argos table to be covered by CITES and yet it is now. :shock:

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