Replacing shock absorbers on a Beko washing machine (WEY94P64EW)

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25 May 2021
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Our Beko washing machine had a bit of a leak from the rubber hose connecting the detergent tray to the drum. I replaced the part and all is good except that the drum bangs about horribly when it has anything remotely heavy in it. On inspection I found that one of the shock absorbers, directly under the previously leaky hose, is badly rusted and loose so I hunted around and found replacement shock absorbers but when I came to fit them I found that the pin securing the top of the rusty one cannot be pushed out because there is a gert great lump of concrete in the way! I am assuming that I will now have to take off the front of the machine and remove the balance weight to be able to remove the shock absorber pin. This does not strike me as being a particularly brilliant way of arranging things, particularly since all the 'how to replace your washing machine shock absorbers' videos on YouTube seem to feature machines which have been designed to make it much easier to do this!

Before I take the machine apart, can anyone tell me if I am missing something - is there a more straightforward way? Any advice much appreciated.
Hopefully it is just the shock absorber, but something to check if you haven't already is the arm that holds the drum at the back. I've seen a few where the alloy piece has one of the arms snapped which leads to it being off center and hence the banging as it rotates.
Thanks Agent Z, I will check this. I did find this under the machine. No sign of a fracture on it, though.


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Is that the top from a type of jubilee clip?

What type of pin is it? Could be quicker to drill it out if you have access. If it is a roll pin can you get a thin bolt through it, put a nut on the tight end and use that to pull it out?
I think you may be right about the jubilee clip, Tris.

It is a plastic pin with a head like a big nail and with pop out tabs to hold it in place once inserted. The problem is that there is only a few mm between the head of the pin and the concrete balance weight, so it can't be pushed out (as far as I can tell) without first removing the concrete weight. I have found a YouTube video on taking the front off and I think this should be quite doable - just a bigger job than I had hoped it would be!

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