Replacing my terrible table saw!

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25 May 2017
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Hi all!

I've recently been getting more and more into woodworking and have decided that it's time to get rid of my terrible & old Wickes table saw that was given to me. The saw blade is impossible to align correctly and the fence is nearly as straight as a noodle so making furniture or anything the like with it is near to impossible or takes a long time to correct the saws inaccuracies.

Currently I'm using my garage as my workshop and although it's currently reasonably empty, it also doesn't have the potential of a large workshop so I'm sure a lot of industrial size machines are out of the question although feel free to prove me wrong.

After doing a fair bit of research into what to buy as it's replacement, I am still unsure. Ideally i'd like to spend somewhere around the £450 mark although am open to saving longer and purchasing a better machine if strongly recommended. Also I have the question of bandsaw vs tablesaw but after watching many videos on YouTube I feel the favor is in the side of the table saw.

If any of you please give me some advice on what to do, it would be greatly appreciated!

I currently own a circular saw, jigsaw & single bevel mitre saw.

Thanks in advance!
Ben :mrgreen:


9 Apr 2017
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I bought a cheap table saw off gumtree recently and I noticed that the blade was not parallel to the mitre slots. I discovered there was 4 big hex bolts holding the motor assembly to the table. I relaxed those bolts and got the blade aligned to the mitre slot and then tightened them up. It made a huge difference in terms of accuracy of cut.

Have you tried that?

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