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21 Feb 2015
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County Durham
Anyone own a set of these who can tell me the diameter in its "closed" position please? Or if anyone is using a set on an RP DML250?
... Record Power have increased the capacity of the larger remounting jaws, whilst ensuring they can still clear the bed of lathes with the popular 12” swing capacity and are capable of holding 275 mm (10 3/4”) diameter bowls in contraction mode.

As you only have a 250mm swing, they won't fit.
Yes, I'd read that on their website; still doesn't state what the diameter is when all the pieces are closed up together.
I can see that; I'd still like to know what the actual, definitive measurement is across the diameter which I cannot see stated on their website or the associated download, hence why I asked if anyone had a set who could confirm the piece of info I'm looking for.
285mm diameter fully closed.
May just be usable on the DML if you swivel the head and don't try to hold overly heavy or out of balance pieces.
If you scroll back through this forum to 1 February 2020, post by Dave B, there is quite a long discussion of these jaws.

I thought the DML 250 had a smaller throw than the DML 305 - 10 inch? so they might not be suitable. Can you swing the head as suggested above?
Official line from RP is they might well fit when fully closed but would likely be a bit tight with no room for expansion. I think that's probably a wee bit optimistic. Thanks to Duncan, I was able to cut a 285mm disc and the centre point on that was easily 17mm above the centrepoint on the drive centre. I will look out that post though, thanks, might come in useful when I upgrade.
Have you thought about marketing a set? Various videos on YouTube doing so.
I have just picked up a flyer that was sent with my ockenden timber order. Longworth style chuck jaws that attach using your existing standard jaws. May be worth a look, they do one for 10" lathes. No idea on cost, quality, etc.
marcros":2hxuoc0g said:
Have you thought about marketing a set? Various videos on YouTube doing so.

Good thinking, Batman. This was the first one I found and seemed straight forward enough so I gave it a go, resized to allow for the shallower capacity of my lathe. Was going well till I mounted them to the chuck assembly; higgeldy-piggeldy barely does it justice. Thought I could maybe use the lathe to true things up a bit and watched from behind my face guard as one of the better looking jaws went into orbit! Back to the drawing board.