Record Power AC400 Cheaper source for filters?

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29 Mar 2018
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South Norfolk
The AC400 does a good job of filtering the air and I have been vacuuming / blowing out the filters as needed but I've just managed to blow a hole through the outer one with my compressor and should have really replaced it some time ago....Anyway I thought I'd buy 5 filters and keep some on the shelf but was a bit shocked to the £64 price for 5 from Yandles :oops:

I've found filters direct and they do a G4 pleated filter 245mm x 395mm which is 30mm too narrow but it would be easy to fill this with a strip of wood / foam at £5.18 each plus £8 delivery + vat plus delivery making £40 total for 5 which seems better.

Has anyone used any other alternatives?

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