Record Power RSDE2-A Extractor

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31 Jul 2005
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North Somerset
For a free of £200 and with thanks to D&M Tools, a great big box containing this, my latest toy, dropped on to my doorstop this morning! (TNT attempted delivery yesterday, no answer. And without any contact, I was surprised and delighted to see them re-attempt today - on a SATURDAY!)

So far I've only really given it a run cutting some 19mm sapele and southern yellow pine offcuts and it seems to do a very good job, claiming to filter down to 0.5 microns for MDF dust. There were still small amounts on dust left on the table and around lower guides but I put this down to the low positioning of the single extraction port on my SIP 12" Bandsaw, below the lower wheel.

It's light and is easily moved around on the supplied clip-on castors. Of course, it makes considerably more noise then the bandsaw itself, but I've worked with bigger Record Power extractors previously and can say this one's no worse than a household vacuum in comparison.

I already own a cheap Perform extractor (for chippings and shavings) from Axminster, which isn't equipped to fully deal with fine dust. This machine comes supplied with 2m each off 4" diameter hose and also 32mm, with the required adaptors to suit. The smaller hose dose a good job of cleaning up machinery afterwards. And the floor, in fact - just be careful not to suck up any small offcuts.

It does seem to get quite warm after a short period of use. But I think I recall a similar thing with another model I've used and you can't argue with the 5 year warranty (a Record Power standard these days) and the free WV100P cloth filter thrown in for free.

Be careful not to confuse this model with the RSDE2, sold for around £30-40 less. Only the RSDE2-A comes complete with the automatic power tool/benchtop machinery take-off switch (up to 13amps).

I've read many mixed feelings on Record Power on these forums but I'm starting to hold them in high regard. I also picked up Alan Holtham's Bandsaw DVD (£9.99) at the same time and that's helped put my mind to rest on a few things.