Step by Step Guide to building your own vacuum bag press sys

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No bags have been fine the biggest problem I have had is getting the ends to seal after you put in the wood. I did test all the bags by inflating them and testing with gas leak spray and they were fine.

The other thing I have used is the space bags which have the double zipper on the these are great and cheap as chips off the tv or online.



Thanks for the very informative post, been looking at doing some 'bendy' stuff for a while as want a change from the renovations I'm currently doing.

I'm an expat living in Cape Town so it may be a struggle to get the bits together in the post for the build, hopefully I should be able to source locally.
The suggestion of an AC / fridge pump has been mentioned, would this work? Also I have a 200L compressor is there any 'valves' out there that can utilise this?

The attached is what I am trying to achieve.

Would the vacuumn press pull flexyply to these shapes?
I would prefer to to use as thick as possible to reduce the layers needed. Then once formed and set, finish off with a hardwood veneer or possibly leave raw.

Sorry about raising an old thread.

Hope to get some feedback.




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Hi thanks for the post

I have never used the fridge pump option it may or may not work. When I looked into it the compressor option would not work and you need a vacume pump.

My question is why to you need to vacuum form the flexi ply. If it were me I would just build a clamping frame out of 18mm ply would to the curve you are after then lay layers of the flexi ply over the frame with glue and clamp it down in to the frame.

Once made I would then use the vacuumed press to clamp the vener onto the finished work peice

By the most of the parts you can get on eBay and get them shipped to you.


Again the leak spray is nothing more than an ammonia free detergent, so it doesn't corrode fittings when it dries out, washing liquid will be fine for this application,