Record DS300 Disc Sander

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13 Jul 2015
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Just picked up one of these, and first impressions aren't great.

The right hand side tilting mechanism was completly seized, despite being covered in a load of grease. On further inspection, having taken it apart, the pieces that are supposed to move freely, were jammed togeather (too tight of a fit), so there was no chance of it tilting. I had to file some of the components to get a loose fit, so it could tilt.

Secondly, the mitre cage is about 5 degrees off square in the vertical. Looks to be a very poor aluminium casting.

Thirdly, fit and finish is poor. The table feels like 120 grit sander paper :( ... bolts don't go in straight, or are made of cheese.

All of which I will be contacting Record about.

The good news is that it appears to be balanced well, and runs nice and quiet!

Now, my question. I applied degreaser to clean up the wheel, and despite the surface being quite rough, I added the adhesive backed disc anyway. This morning, I have come in to find that the disc has peeled off. I suspect due to the very rough surface on the wheel? should I give it a light sanding?
Yep. They are cheap and it shows. My first one was sent back to Record and replaced. Second one had been properly fettled. The disc benefits from smoothing off. The yellow guard is basically a nuisance.