Record Coronet Regent/Envoy Lathe

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7 Dec 2020
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Near Coventry, UK
Hello all,

Thinking of upgrading to either a Record Coronet Envoy/Regent from a Record CL2.

The Regent look likes good value.

Anyone got one in use and have any thoughts.
Looking at the specifications the Regent has a 50mm greater capacity over the bed than the Envoy but is £400 more & 5kg heavier.
Another one in this price bracket is the KS Twister FU-180 from Simon Hope with slightly lower specs.
The Axminster has priced itself out of the market basing itself on the popularity & value for money of the original 1628VS
If you need greater capacity than the Envoy you would probably go up a class of lathe anyway.
So, IMHO the Envoy is the best value.

Envoy (£1600) - Coronet Envoy Lathe, Tool Shelf and Magnetic LED Work Lamp Package
Regent (£2000) - Coronet Regent Lathe, Tool Shelf and Magnetic LED Work Lamp Package
FU-180 (£1750) -
AT406WL (£2130) - Axminster Trade AT406WL Floor Standing Woodturning Lathe - 230V