Record BS350 - drive belt problem

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18 Mar 2007
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Sutton Coldfield
I'm just wondering as to whether anyone has come across this problem and any suggestions as to a fix?
A couple of months ago the drive belt went on my bandsaw. I bought a replacement (can't remember where from), fitted it and it was fine for a while.
Now if haven't used the bandsaw for a while, as soon as I switch it on the belt comes off, doesn't break just slides off. If I then re-fit it, everything works fine for the day but when I come back the next day the same thing happens.
My initial thought was that the belt was stretching but having had this happen innumerable times and putting as much tension on it as possible, it keeps happening.
Whilst it doesn't take that long to fix, it is a pain in the proverbial especially if you are in the middle of something.
I have ordered another belt (from Yandles this time at double the price) but wondered if I'm missing something?
Did you get this sorted?
If not have a look into the end of the pulley on the motor, mine (a 300e) had lost the key that keeps the pulley in place, it ran fine but left the pulley misaligned. record sent one out free of charge and it kept the pulley better aligned with the back of the lower wheel, no more belt wandering.