Recommend an ext. Gloss paint.

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Lean into the Curve
19 Aug 2015
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About 7 years ago I did all the wooden windows. Properly mind. Reapiared with wood not filler. Rubbed down 2 part in small areas, primed u/coated and glossed with dulux weathershield ext. High gloss. 2 coats of each. 3 of gloss.
Just noticed it's starting to superficially go in exposed areas and especially on edges and putty.

Have to say I've been quite impressed with the dulux but before I bite the bullet I'm always happy to learn of a better alternative.
A bedeck type solution lasting 25 odd years would be great. I don't need a huge tin so could swallow the cost for the sake of longevity.
I'm not after rubbing everything down for weeks just to apply a whole new system though.
A light sand and another go in 7 years time is preferable to that. I don't have that many windows.
Appreciate any knowledge and experience you want to share.

Cheers as always. Thanks for any replies.
Stick with a couple of coats of what you've already got on it, you're inviting a headache swapping to a different system.
Ma thoughts. Just looking for an exit from rinse and repeat mate. :wink:
Keep away from the rip-off merchants selling paint Energy Saving Paint from Stockholm, Norway and the linseed oil paint and you'll be fine :wink: