Rcomendations for a budget Mitre Saw


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8 Feb 2009
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southampton, UK
I would be grateful for any recomendatiosn or horror stories for a budget mitre saw.

To put things into contect I have a superb Wadkin Radial Arm Saw in my workshop which does more than I will ever nead when I am at home.

Waht I am looking for is something to take to one or other of the sons houses for the 'could you just' jobs that seem to have become a feature of most weekends.

What I am lookinng for is a saw for chopping up timber studding for partitions etc. and the likes of picket fencing.

I would like it to be able to achieve reasonable accuracy as one of the first jobs will be a whole load of imitation paneling. Just sheets of mdf with thin strips glued and pinned then painted. I will cut up the bulk in my workshop but want something for the site fitting.

Ideally I would like to spend less than £100 as it will not be an additional cost added to all the 'bits of wood' than I supply for these jobs.

I have looked at the Evolution range - the R210CMS at 60 quid would do what I need for the moment if it is any good or should I stump up for the sliding version?

Thanks for any help on this one

The Rage are good options for this, and they have an outlet store on eBay where you can often pick up some bargains. I know, I've had two from there :D.

Personally I'd get the sliding version, much more versatile.
I had an evo sliding saw for a while, It was pretty good. Although not too accurate. I changed to a dewalt DWS773-GB 216MM which is really accurate and compact. I have a small workshop and it has been a godsend because it is small and easy to move.

If I had to by either again I would get the dewalt, but that being said, the evo saw was reliable and I ended up selling it for not a whole lot less than I bought if for new after a good couple of years of use. If you are not after mm accuracy then I think an evo saw would see you right.

Out of the 2, if budget is a limiting factor and you do not need cabinetry accuracy then get the Evo, if you want something accurate and a lot more compact / moveable get the dewalt.
Thanks Ryandotdee,
As I said I have a very accurate Wadkin RAS which I use for cabinet work, this is just to make life easier when working and my two sons houses.
The Evo is looking pretty good
Toolstation cracking little saw

Einhell TC-MS 2112 1600W 210mm Single Bevel Mitre Saw 240v
£59.98 was £79.98