Questions about the feasibility of building a second floor deck/balcony

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21 Oct 2015
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East Yorkshire
Hi everyone,

I'm unsure if this is possible (or even exactly wise), which is why I wanted to ask for your advice.

I had the idea of building a second-floor deck where the top window is. As you can see, there used to be a fire escape there, so this window opens wide. This is one of the bedrooms, and given the view you can't see among other factors, I think a balcony would be great here.


Of course, I appreciate this is a pretty lofty idea; I'm guessing there may be legal safety regulations to adhere to when tackling this yourself, so I don't really know where I stand there, and the safety factor, in general, is concerning considering, as I've never done it before. I've built plenty of fancy decks, but I assume everything will need to be much thicker and dug deeper in this case, with critical attention paid to fixing the joints extra securely.

Has anyone done this before? Or are there several reasons I should abandon it as a silly idea? :LOL:

Give planning a call before anything else. A lot don't allow that type of balcony due to the height and possibility that you can see into neighbours property, even if you have no neighbours.
As above planning first
Then structural engineer then
Fabricator to make a platform / railings.

Good luck!
Aside from planning permission, and structural engineering , potential objections from neighbours if you were to get the go ahead can I please ( I’m just curious ) ask why ? Ok so you get a nice platform above ground but it’s likely to cost several £1,000 ,s but all you get is a raised platform. What happens to the space below the platform/ decking. Although it would cost more extending the existing building forward and and creating another room then use that extension to create a rooftop terrace would make more sense. You get the raised area you’re planning but an additional or a bigger room below win win .. just my thoughts 👍👍