PVC Floor Tiles - How Flat Is Flat Enough?


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22 Jul 2023
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From reading other threads I know that 7mm interlocking PVC floor tiles have proved a popular floor covering for workshops, and I'd appreciate any advice on using them on the floor described below.

The starting point for the floor was a very poor concrete slab, that having had a couple of passes with "Bostik Cempolay Self Levelling Compound" is now fairly flat. It is far from perfect but I haven't got much more height to use for levelling due to the existing door threshold.

At its worst we probably see an "undulation" of around 6mm over 1500mm as shown below.


The tiles I had in mind were the ones below, although I think a number of suppliers do very similar items.


So the real question is - can anyone provide advice on how flat is flat enough for these tiles, or even anecdotal evidence from your own experiences of using them? Obviously it is desirable to be perfectly flat but this isn't likely to be possible here.

Thank you!
As you're covering the floor, can you not fill the hollows first, no need to redo entire floor, just the lo spots.
Maybe an exterior filler, like Tetrion would be easy enough.

Tiles likely to be OK over that distance of hollow, but sods law says it will cause problems later on when you put a workbench, cabinet or tool over it, then you curse it for rocking or not having a level work top.

Best fill, level and lay.
I recently laid these in my workshop.

The floor would have been perfect but one of my cats jumped off the fence into the freshly poured 125mm slab.

Due to the cat entry point not being reachable we had to reflect it as best we could. We ended up with a couple of ripples, lumps and bumps. I was concerned about this affecting the floor and didn't fancy sanding/grinding the floor.

As it turned out I didn't need to do anything, the flooring went down without issue. As the tiles are easy to lay and lift you can always remove and level if you need to.


Thanks chaps. As you say, given the ease of lifting it to tweak things it's possibly best not to overthink it at this point!

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