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For Sale Pro Wheel System for bandsaw


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14 Jul 2017
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This is the Laguna wheel system bought to go with a Laguna 14BX bandsaw. It fits the 14/12 too. I don’t know whether it would fit other bandsaws. Laguna’s description is here Laguna 14|BX Bandsaw | Bandsaw.

I quickly realised that my workshop floor is too uneven, and resorted to making a dolly instead. The wheels show where they’ve been used For a few days.

List price is £150, but let’s say £50. It’s boxed so can be posted at cost, or can be collected from near Loughborough. Alternatively I’ll be at the Midlands Woodworking show near Newark on Friday 10th March, where I’d like to put the money towards a new chuck for my lathe.

Picture of box:

Picture of wheels when fitted:
Hi thanks I haven't bought a Laguna 14bx yet so may be interested in them when I do, hopefully in the next week or so...are you happy with yours?
I see the wheels are the other way round than the 14/12? the single wheel at the Back?
I would have to see how the new laguna fits before I bought the wheels as it will push the machine further out...don't suppose your selling the 14bx?