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13 Nov 2006
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Biddulph staffs
I spent a fruitless 3 hrs pricing 8 by 1 redwood for a batch of adirondacks .
it started by a trip to heaths in leek..invariably the best and cheapest around. unfortuneatly roadworks were set up right outside so after a long wait I got to the yard....hgv was blocking access so I just went to screwfix which was on the way back but by the time I was done the roadworks queue was ridiculous(please lock us down again!)
anyway I decided to price other yards closer to stoke. went hymor a big timber yard with to many sales staff and guess what they were 20% more expensive the arrogant sales type seemed to think I was out of order suggesting he was expensive( just been brought out by arnold laver so I reckon 20% is only the start) the next one was newfields a pretty poor yard that survives by making packing cases for jcb.they were even pricier and the timber looked " heavily sorted" to say the least. Next was stoke timber a rough and ready softwood placed that seemed cheap but I don't think the staff knew or cared about the fact it was whitewood not red!
so in my future I see a trip back to heaths. how do the other places survive?
this was the whitewood utter rubbish


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I paid £14 recently for just two pieces of 4 x 3 or 100 x 75 one metre long, it seemed expensive compared to last time I went, and this is the cheapest place near me, it was around half that price in 2019, same thing but swedish redwood pine with double the growth rings, not russian, so you're paying double the cost for worse quality, it's been that way since last year, nothing's getting cheaper.
I'm comparing last week with today! a telling sign of how competitive heaths is he has a customer who uses tons of quebec yellow. rather than going to the source he still buys and has it delivered.
heaths is run by 2 guys usually. it's pared back. hymor has loads of sales staff and yard staff its all got to be paid for. heaths is a proper trade place and he's not fussed if you buy 100 or 1 it's the same price.
Have you tried Keelings timber by BET365 offices - ive always had my redwood from there - granted not had any for a while so im sure the prices are up, bit its usually decent.
a chap I'm helping brought some last week from there and they only had 7 by 1( 1275gt). ill go to heaths in the morning. it was about £17 difference on 15m. although the prices were fixed even for 1m. I don't know why I tried hymor again tbh I can't stand dealing with em which irks me as feel it should be a resource. I just think when stuff gets more complicated ie buying hardwood they would rob you blind and not give a hoot. the other yards are pretty poor and best avoided.
I've had decent service from Richard Potter being honest. not too many trades in sight usually a lot of DIY but an old established yard. ( unfortuneatly 50 mile round trip)