Pugh’s sale, price softening?


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19 May 2018
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Who went to the sale today? Online or in person. Sadly a slew of lots were withdrawn the night before, apparently it was a family dispute and the police rolled up to the auction house to stop those lots being sold!

Normal auction fever was in evidence, i.e. someone paid £160 + buyers fees (15%) + VAT for a tool chest of drawers. Brand new online price for the exact same thing was £159.99 including VAT and delivery!

However, I picked up a van full of interesting timber at pretty reasonable prices. Very different to the last couple of auctions where I bought nothing. Maybe the end of lockdown means less bored people from the SE buying absolutely everything?

There were some “heavy metal” machines sold towards the end, which went for peanuts. For example, from memory, there were a couple of Wadkin routers that sold for < £200. That must be not much more than scrap value? There was a decent dimension saw in working order which went for around £200! Mad. All 3ph of course. Not sure what that means in the scheme of things, but bargains for someone.