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Power Tool Recommendations


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4 Sep 2011
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Having bought for my company more power tools electric/air than I should over the years for my Joiners to generally destroy here is my I would buy again list. We operate our tools all day in the workshop and are in the hands of Craftsmen/semi skilled who if their is way will find a tools weakness. I should give my companies services in to tool design as we go through the cheap and the nasty easily. Down to my list of what I have used and would support its purchase.

Drill/Screwdriver Dewalt & Panasonic, some of my operators swear by there own Makita but I go with my two for use and longevity and battery life.

Biscuit Jointer Dewalt & Trend all 110v if to pick one I like my Dewalt in operation never had a need for a Domino so cannot give an opinion

Compound Saw/Chop Dewalt and Festool, Makita always seem to be made from toffy as the guards usually burst through prolonged use. All 110v

Router Makita/Trend/Dewalt had no fault with any of them so never needed to buy anything else, the makita is a bit heavy if I am being picky but it is the largest of three. All 110v

Rip saw Festool with them table clamps and fences great kit and easy to setup/ I have a dewalt too its a nightmare to setup, I never seem to have enough fingers or hands. 110v

Jigsaw Festool is the daddy but I have bought and would buy again Dewalt/Bosch all 110v

Small battery Rip saw Dewalt bought for ease of use still going strong and very handy uses 18v batteries of my dewalt guns

Oscillating saw or alligator battery operated Dewalt again a very good bit of kit and operates on 18v batteries like my other dewalts

Drills (Air) Atlas Copco 1/2 chucks great and very long lasting only down side is trailing cables or overhead cables never seem to have enough cables think they escape as soon as I purchase them

Nail guns (Air) Senco never had real faults some firing pins needed replaced through use, service them yearly by poppers

Staple Guns (air) Senco never had a fault

Pad sander Dewalt last longer than others I have tried 110v

Oscillating Sander Dewalt 110v

1/2 sheet sander Bosch/Dewalt 110v

Pedestal Drill Record, though guard springs seem need to be replaced frequently

Nail guns (gas) Paslode both variant had issue with a battery casing splitting

Electric Planer Dewalt (3) never needed to purchase again so it wins my vote all 110v


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29 Dec 2010
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Hi Ally, thanks for a useful posting, after years of fairly hard use my DW batteries (14.4v) are packing up, I was debating going over to Makita but after reading your experience leads me to think I should just replace the power cells. thx chris