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4 Nov 2020
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Burton on Trent
I have been using an old Myford ML8 which has been great and got me slightly hooked on turning but it has its limitations. I’m currently looking at a secondhand Poolewood with variable speed controller but the seller doesn’t have any details. The headstock they measured as 25mm and tailstock taper is from 14.6mm - 17.5 mm, is this MT2? It doesn’t sound like any of my Myford tooling will be compatible so the swap could become expensive.
If anyone has any experience of Poolewood lathes and if they are of good quality I would appreciate your advice. Also if they know what the headstock/ tailstock thread/taper are likely to be.
Thanks in advance


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cant tell u the model as it's still in it's packing crate but it has a mechanical vari speed....bit like a twist n go scooter.....
plus a three or 4 groove belt pully system....
swivel head for outsized platters.....
never missed a beat in the 25 years I've owned....it was used when I bought it.....
very happy.......
never fancied anything electronic vari speed.......too much irreparable electricals to go wrong for me.........
It sounds like a 28-40. Is it green with cylindrical bed bars? The later (blue) Poolewood lathes were all DVSL drives so electronic variable speed.
Looks like a Poolewood Euro 500 wood turning lathe, I owned a Euro 2000 for a few years
You need to be aware that it does not have a hollow head stock so no provision to use a knock out bar
This can be problematic , You screw a extractor collar onto the spindle then insert the drive centre , In theory you undo the collar and extract the drive BUT and it can be a big BUT , it can get stuck and won't come out , This happend to me on several occasions , I ended up breaking the extractor collor , This was the main reason I sold the lathe.