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Sold NOW SOLD Robert Sorby woodturning lathe


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Mick p

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22 Dec 2017
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For sale a rare Robert Sorby swivel headstock woodturning lathe made in Sheffield by the world renowned tool manufacturing company you can turn spindles upto 32 inches and bowl’s upto 12 inches across the bedways very much larger when headstock is turned this lathe is in an absolutely amazing working condition with some age related markings.it’s been serviced by myself but found to be to big to fit into my small workshop without cutting the bedways down and I’m not prepared to butcher such a brilliant piece of fabulous British engineering. It has MT2 hollow tailstock and headstock is 25mm x 2mm pitch spindle and comes with a 3/4 inch steb drive centre a ring drive centre and a 60 degree live centre two tool rests a Nova / Teknatool Chuck with 50&25 mm jaws a drill Chuck to fit into the tailstock plus key and three unused unbranded chisels to get you started it’s the complete package for beginners please observe the attached photos for quality condition and sizes your welcome to come and try it out any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me COLLECTION ONLY due to the size and weight about 95kgs it can be disassembled for transportation unless your super strong. £600


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Looks very nice - Can you please add a photo of the lathe with the headstock swivelled, and showing how the tool rest is used in that orientation? Many thanks, Miles
Looks very nice - Can you please add a photo of the lathe with the headstock swivelled, and showing how the tool rest is used in that orientation? Many thanks, Miles
Hi Miles thanks for your interest sorry for the delay I’ve been away with no internet got home yesterday the lathe sold today .regards MickP