PLease help, I have lost the use of Internet explorer

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11 Apr 2004
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Paignton Devon
Yesterday something played me up on my i/e and I got locked on the Chrome and lost the use of i/e and cannot seem to get it back (it has all my favourites )
Any help appreciated (system restore did not get me back either)
Hope all are well, Janet and I are keeping isolated and are OK. Stay safe. John
Thanks Nev for suggestions , regret no luck, spent hours today trying but did not succeed. Looks like I shall have to put up with Chrome or go to my Apple ipad.

Anyone able to get me out please help, seem lost without my i/e favourites list.
What exactly is happening, or not happening, to make internet explorer not run? Does it fail to start, or is Chrome running instead? If it is the latter, it may be you have made Chrome your default browser. You can stop that in the chrome settings (type chrome://settings into the browser address bar)

You could also try to run Internet Explorer from a command prompt (does Windows still have one of those?): If you find a command prompt, which used to hide on the start button menu, type iexplore.exe and press return - see what that does. It has been 20 years since I used Internet Explorer, and I left Windows behind with Windows7, so if it is more specific to those two, I can't really help that much.
John, are you running Win 10?

If so go to control panel. You have options to select which program is the default for web browsing.


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You should be able to be able to tell Chrome to import your Favourites from IE. You can then remove IE if you can't fix it any other way, and then re-install it.
BUT IE is pretty much finished now and you will probably have issues with an increasing number of websites so you would be better off moving to one of the alternatives if you can. Firefox perhaps?
Chas I have reset or confirmed I/e as default a number of times during the day and also google and things have settled down again at my PC this past hour. got favourites back and feeling a lot more back to my old ways.

So its thanks to all here again and what a super crowd you all are.
(ps there is a bit of memory loss at my end these days so things do get hairy at times)

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