Plastic extrusion for glass door panel

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Anything like these


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uPVC Window Door Gasket Seal
Strip Glass Fixed Repair Seal
Shockproof Waterproof

Comes to in clear


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I dunno if they are in UK, but one of the largest N.Am distributors is CRL...

they have a great website, but here's likely the page that will help.
Check out the air and dust seal, It looks somewhat like what you describe, and then look at the specs on it seems to tear in half.

Maybe it helps.

Eric in Calgary
Thanks. All those profiles seem to have a central slot or channel for the glass. In my doors the profile is pushed in from each side. I've received the plastic tubing now, and inserted it. I'll have to see if it does the job. If not I'll try something else. Silicone caulk maybe, or putty....